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Genomics Research: Past Developments and Future Applications

Genomics is a relatively new field of research, which began in earnest late in the twentieth century, although the basis of DNA was discovered more than a century earlier. The recent progressions made in genomics research have opened up exciting possibilities for genomics applications in other fields, some of which may offer health and medical benefits.

Genomics Promises a Leap Forward for Rare Disease Diagnosis

Kate Palmer and Simon Wright were in despair. Their four-year-old daughter Jessica was suffering from epilepsy, poorly co-ordinated movement and slow mental development but doctors had been unable to pinpoint the rare disorder causing these problems. A series of tests including MRI scans, electroencephalography (EEG) recordings and lumber punctures had failed to provide diagnostic clues.

Understanding the Difference Between Genetics and Genomics

We hear the terms “genetics” and “genomics” being used in countless scientific studies as well as more mainstream news reports. But despite the two words sounding similar, genetics and genomics refer to two very different things. Do you know the difference between these two terms? What separates genetics from genomics and vice versa? Here is how you can find out in one minute.

Genetic Biomarkers Help Docs Choose Medications

Not every gene and drug combo has the same amount of research supporting its link. Some pharmacogenetic test kits offer to test for genes whose effects on medications aren’t well established in medical literature. That’s not to say there isn’t potential benefit, however.

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Genomics Research

Past Developments and Future Applications

Genetic Biomarkers

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