the battle against sinus infections

Before starting my first post, I think this is where I am supposed to say that I am not a doctor nor is anything on my site intended to treat a medical condition. Ok not that I have gotten that out of the way, raise your virtual hand if you have ever suffered from a sinus infection, head or chest cold? If you have not, you probably have an awesome beard, change your own oil, chop your own fire wood while wearing your American AF tank top in the winter. For those of us not able to claim the title of Alpha Male’s Alpha Male, getting sick happens. For some of us, it can be a regular thing. Prior to introducing YL essential oils into my life, I used to get head colds every few months that often times, would turn into full blown sinus infections. I did what most logical and brainwashed people do, I headed to either CVS or Walgreens, sometimes both. It was bad. There were times that I would drop an entire bar tab’s worth of money on every over the counter (OTC) product I could find. I needed Nyquil or Tylenol Cold and Flu Night time to help me sleep. Of course, I needed to be medicated during the day so I would get day time Tylenol Cold in Flu. Sudafed. Me and Sudafed were homeboys. Mucinex was part of the crew. We rolled deep. In between self-medicating, I was flushing my head out 3 to 5 times per day with a Neti Pot. This part wasn’t bad except for the fact that the amount of salt (water) I was pushing through my nose probably resembled Scarface. If all else failed, and it usually did, I hit up the urgent care to holler at my doctor for a Z pack. Everything I listed wasn’t because I couldn’t handle the symptoms or was a huge baby (although my wife might beg to differ) it was because I was trained to believe this was how you got back on your feet quickly. Life happens. I couldn’t operate at 50% for my family or for my work.

ENTER YOUNG LIVING.  Everyone needs that Ah Ha moment. For me, I clearly remember a sinus affection that was pretty bad. Rachel insisted I use oils. I was almost through day 2 of application and while I noticed small improvements, I was ready to give in and go to the doctor. I am extremely impatient and need instant gratification, as I think most of us men are. My wife put her foot down and convinced me to stick with the oils and day 3 was much better and by day 4, I was almost 100%. I can honestly say that I have not taken a piece of medicine in nearly 2 years or even seen a doctor outside of regular physicals and it is because I rarely get sick anymore. To me, Young Living is almost about preventative maintenance. I have developed a steady routine of vitamins, antioxidant drinks, topical and aromatic use of oils that has kept my prepared for everything that life has thrown at me. And when I do get sick (it happens because I have an army of kids who try to take me down with school germs from kids whose parents don’t oil), there is an oil or blend for any symptom.

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