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You may have heard that SEO is no longer significant. Google and their 3.5 billion searches a day would argue that myth. Google and other search engines are more important than ever as they are harder to influence and control more shopping decisions than in any time during its history. Even mega retail sites like Amazon, Target, eBay, Wal-Mart and others are at the mercy of Google rankings. When a customer searches for a new television those sites all hope to be found on the top page so that they have a better chance of making a sale. It’s a never-ending battle for dominance and the top page and especially the top spot can be more valuable than the best television commercials money can buy.

  • Local SEO: Whether you own a local business or a national one you do not want to ignore the importance of coming up in local searches. A great example of this would be an internet marketing company in Boca Raton. A small business owner looking for a local Social Media Management company in Boca Raton would want something close to them. While a company like SEO FLA has clients from all over the world they especially want to make sure that local customers find them at the top of searches. This is even more important for businesses like attorneys, restaurants, retail stores, mechanics and so forth. So when someone searches for a local Chinese restaurant in Fort Lauderdale or a good mechanic in Miami, you want to make sure that your business comes up at the top.
  • National SEO: These key terms can be much more competitive and businesses will spend millions of dollars a year to maintain top rankings. An example would be for products sold on multiple platforms like televisions, phones and cars. Each business that sells the most popular brands will want to make sure that they are near the top of the page whenever someone does a search. This is even more important now for online shopping as consumers will look at the top 3 listings a staggering 33% more views than other listings. If the key term you want to be ranked on receives 100 searches each day you are losing out on as many as 1/3 of potential traffic by not being near the top.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

SEO isn’t just about being near the top for competitive key terms to get more sales in. It is about building your brand and making sure when people find you through other marketing efforts they see only good things about you. For example, when someone is on Facebook and they see your add for a pizza shop in Boca Raton they may go to Google and search your business to see reviews written about you. That’s search engine optimization directly linked to your own name. It’s an often forgotten but extremely important aspect of internet marketing that cannot be ignored.

More Search Engines Than Ever

Did you know that Facebook is up to 1.5 billion searches a day? That’s a staggering number, especially when you consider few see the site as a search engine. The truth is it is as it can allow businesses to target local and national customers and profiles influence searches like never before.

Some Keywords Are More Obvious

You may think that you need to target the most obvious key words. For example, a car wash company in Fort Lauderdale would want to be ranked at the top for “Fort Lauderdale Car Wash” but what if it is too competitive? Remember other companies have spent thousands of dollars and put in years of work to have the top page so it may take some time to get there. Does that mean all is lost? Of course not, it simply means that while you are going after the big terms you want to make sure you are attacking ones that may get less traffic but they produce results. An example would be car detailing Fort Lauderdale. It’s a similar key term but probably has less competition and will get you new customers each month.

SEO FLA can help you improve your SEO strategy, get better rankings on highly competitive key words and also help you find the key terms you are missing out on that could get you quicker results. You could be missing out on thousands of views a day all because the campaign you are on isn’t working. Call today for a free consultation and find out what you can do to literally reach the top.

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