About DigDev SEO

SEO FLA goal is to help our clients maximize their internet marketing efforts to achieve the best possible results. Our team consists of individuals with years of experience in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Permission Based Email Marketing, PPC, Press Releases, Social Media Marketing, Web Design and more. We look at who you are, what you do and what you need to succeed. That means extensive analysis of your industry, your strengths and weaknesses, what your competitors are doing and more. With all that information we create a custom marketing strategy for you based on what will get you the best results.

Meet The Team

What we do

Our belief is that we would rather make some money off a client for years building a strong relationship based on trust, rather than attempt to maximize profits in a short period of time. That belief is why we have great relationships with our customers who have been with us for years and trust us to deliver the highest level of service at a reasonable price.

Looking Out For You

Whether you are a small fish store in Boca Raton or a multi-million dollar company it really doesn’t matter. You demand service and professionalism from your SEO company and we deliver on that every time. No two companies are the same so we take the time to meet with you and find exactly what you need to improve your internet marketing strategy. That’s why we offer a free consultation and free website audit to help you have a better understanding of where you are in the world of internet marketing and where you need to go.